During the Cold War era, two enemy factions trade their prisoners: spies who were captured.

Hands and legs tied down, prisoners must find their way through the exchange area, having their movement ability limited. They must reach their ally faction, going as fast as they can! Indeed, the factions might not be as honest as you think…

BETRAYDED is a two-player platforming, duelling and racing game. You can impede your opponent and stun him to earn a few precious seconds… Once you have reached your allies, the victory is almost yours! One last thing must be done in order to satisfyingly close the deal…

- Use W (P1) and UP (P2) to jump
- Use A/D (P1) and LEFT/RIGHT (P2) to pick a jump direction
- Use WASD (P1) and ARROWS (P2) to move the crosshair
- Save your prisoner first, then kill your opponent before he runs away!

This version of the game is as it was at the end of the Ludum Dare 44

If you want to check the game current release check it out here.

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